It’s been a while since Bluehost started offering its services in India through a dedicated Subsidiary. Which is known as Bluehost India. If you are in India and try to open Bluehost site, you are more likely to be redirected to Bluehost Indian Hosting site. Most of the professionals start recommending Bluehost web hosting over other web hosting companies. But if you are an Indian customer, you have to select between Bluehost India and Bluehost global. Bluehost global web-hosting provider has been successful for more than a decade. They provide top-notch, quality web hosting for all kinds of web professionals that include bloggers, webmasters and a huge number of Internet Marketers. People are not able to understand the differences between Bluehost India and Bluehost global. In this post, we will provide a comparison between Bluehost global vs Bluehost India. By the end of this post, you would know: Should you buy hosting from Bluehost India or not?

Bluehost Global vs India – Servers and User Interface 

Bluehost U.S. is a popular web-hosting company for WordPress & well known for innovating CPU throttling technology in the shared hosting. They also offer free SSL certificate & an easy to use dashboard for managing WordPress. In 2010, EIG acquired Bluehost company. The look of Bluehost India is exactly same as Bluehost Global the only difference is that on this site, you have the option to pay in Indian currency. Bluehost has localized its products and support to suit the needs of customers from India. It’s a matter of fact that Indian customers were facing some issues with payments and all. EIG hosts all Bluehost servers and data, Bluehost India is not a copy of in the backend, and it’s the same hosting that is offered by Reseller Club. EIG group also owns Mumbai-based reseller club. When you choose Bluehost India instead of is that you will receive hosting from ResellerClub. Bluehost India is using Resellerclub to sell hosting & domain packages.

Pricing on Bluehost India is certainly cheaper than Bluehost U.S for a fraction of the price, but Bluehost India not offering the same features. When it comes to the user interface, Bluehost India has entirely different control panel from Bluehost Global

Bluehost India or Bluehost Global – Which is Better?

From the above comparison of Bluehost India Vs Bluehost US, It is clear that there is both negatives and some positives of Indian Bluehost hosting. There are several differences between Bluehost India and Bluehost Global. However, it needs to be noted that your site should be receiving most visitors from India or Asia to get the benefit of a Bluehost India server. Otherwise, you can try purchasing US Hosting . Bluehost U.S.A also offer free SSL certificate & PHP 7.0. These two features are not available on Bluehost India hosting. I would love to see bluehost India offering the same infrastructure as they are offering for their Bluehost Global. Bluehost India offers decent hosting when it comes to hardware & Support. However it failed to impress us in terms of quality & keeping the reputation same as their U.S. counterpart.

Buy Bluehost India shared hosting if:-

  • Your site has receiving most visitors from India or Asia.
  • You want more functions (like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, unlimited emails, unlimited domains) at only ₹239/- per month.
  • You don’t have International payment option or credit card.

How to Sign Up for Bluehost Global (With Discount)

Getting started with Bluehost is very easy. Once you’ve decided which plan to buy, follow the promo link. This Bluehost discount will not last forever, so if you’re planning to grab a decent hosting package for your new site, grab your Bluehost plan now. you will also be entitled to a free domain along with your new hosting account.
  1. Click on the Bluehost Referral link.
  2. Click on green ‘get started now‘ Tab.
  3. Click on ‘select’ under your desired plan.
  4. Enter you desired domain name under ‘new domain’.
  5. Enter your account information, package information and billing information. (Bluehost offers some extra services for some extra costs.)
  6. select a payment method (Credit Card or Paypal) and enter payment information. 
  7. If you wish to pay using Paypal option, click on ‘More payment options’.
  8. click on ‘next’ button.
After completing payment, your account will be activated automatically and you will get confirmation email from Bluehost that contains your login details.


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