LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is an alternative term for synonyms or similar words used by Google. Let’s have a look what LSI keywords are and how we can use LSI keywords for SEO benefits?. Internet users have their own criteria for searching on the search engines. All internet users use different keywords for searching the same information. In that way they actually contribute in different LSI keywords for a single topic. LSI keywords are also keywords that are sentimentally related with your primary keyword (there’s a whole bunch of algorithm to determine this, but let’s not get into it.) The biggest problem with LSI keywords is that there are not many tools available for researching LSI keywords related to your target keywords. The easiest and most convenient method for doing this is by using a Google search. Whenever you search for any keyword in Google, it shows more searches related to similar keywords.

Why Use the LSI Keywords?

There was the time when stuffing the main keyword 10-15 times in an article was the best way to rank a web page in SERP or search engine result pages. Today, search engines are becoming smarter and they can easily detect that a user is just stuffing a targeted keyword just for ranking on higher positions. Best practice you can try is, using various LSI keywords in your article rather just focusing on main targeted keyword.
Whenever a search engine crawl a website they will not only detect the main keyword stuffing, but, they will also count your LSI keywords. In that way LSI keywords can help you to rank for the better positions in search engine result pages without spamming your web page.

How to use LSI keywords

The very first thing that you need to have with you is the keyword that you are trying to target with your content. You can use Google Keyword planner tool to find keywords. Here are Some Points About Using the LSI keywords to Boost your SEO Factors
  • Use the LSI keywords in the main article. Your keyword density for main keyword should be 1% to 2% besides that, you should also use different LSI keywords in article.
  • Use the LSI keywords in Meta Tags. You have the opportunity of using the LSI keywords in Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword Tags.
  • Use LSI keywords in Heading (H2, H3, H4………) Tags.
  • Image Alt Tags are also one of the best places where you can use the LSI keywords.
  • Anchor Text
  • Besides these On-Page SEO factors, you can also use the LSI keywords for Anchor text variation for link building practice for your website.
  • LSI keywords can also be used for social media share for your posts and articles.


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