Now enjoy lighter and fast Gmail, a smart inbox that keeps your message secure, and you’re organized. Receive notifications when mail arrives, then read and reply to both online and offline, quickly find messages with powerful messages and much more. Google has now released the Gmail Go app. The new app compatible with Android 8.1 Orao and later running devices is available for download from Google Play Store. It comes weeks after the release other Go edition apps, The app supports most basic Gmail features, as well as providing multiple account support to allow you to instantly install Gmail and non-Gmail addresses such as, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP / POP email accounts.
The APK file size of the new Gmail Go app is significantly lower than the regular Gmail app; It is 9.51 MB vs. 20.66 MB, if installed, this application lightens, which uses approximately 25 MB on compatible devices – unlike the 47 MB space used by its regular version, go Gmail The app provides you an advanced inbox to help you focus on important messages already on important messages, under social tab Ark classifies email.


  • A smarter inboxFocus on messages from friends and family first, while social and promotional emails are categorized neatly for when you have time.
  • Less spam – Your account stays safe and clutters free because Gmail Go blocks spam before it hits your inbox.
  • 15GB of free storage – Forget about deleting messages to save space.
  • Multiple account support – Set up both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses (, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP/POP email)

To make the experience safer for end users, the Gmail go app automatically blocks spam messages using Google’s internal data set and algorithms. You have been given the option to report any new emails as spam or to mark it properly in the primary tab. In addition, you can add a label to your email to classify them according to your needs. The app also lets you manage how you want to receive notifications by disabling alerts for social or promotional messages. The overall experience of Gmail, what you can get from a regular Gmail app, it’s quite similar. Of course, the main purpose of the Gmail Go App is to provide less memory and data access to Gmail.


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