This time we are going to talk about an interesting product designed by Alfawise. Today personal safety has become a cautious issue. Among the technical buffets, IP cameras and WiFi light bulbs are getting very popular, Shenzhen-based power equipment manufacturer Alfawise has added two components to the same device named the Alfawise JD – T8610 – Q2.
As we said, it is an LED bulb with an underlying IP camera. The latter is capable of catching every corner of the room due to the 3W bulb light and ultra-wide angle fisheye lens. Resolution of video resolution H2264 is 960x960P HD at resolution compression format and frame rate of 20fps. In other words, 1.3 MP 360-degree panoramic fisheye lens provides full monitoring without any dead end with two-way audio function. In other words, it can do communicate online between the IP camera and your mobile device.

The next advantage ofAlfawise JD-T8610-Q2 is the motion detection feature. Say, if someone breaks into your house, then the camera will understand the movement and inform you. The motion detection works at a distance of 4 meters. In addition, this camera also supports Night Vision Capturing.
Since it works most of the time to record events around your place. This gadget is so awesome that it supports loop recording system. This means that when it gets a full warning, old files on the storage automatically convert it to new files.
Today you can buy this amazing, modern and efficient gadget from Gearbest on a pre-release flash Sale at $ 26.99. In addition, 5 units of the Alfawise JD – T8610 – Q2 at an even lower price of just $13.99 daily at 9:00 UTC. This promotion will run until May 14th.

So we can tell, “Alfawise JD-T8610-Q2” 2-in -1 is one of the best products in the coming niche with light and surveillance function. At this time, it is offered at a very low cost. So if you are looking for a smart IP camera with interesting features, then it can be very useful.


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