Privacy has been an area of concern in the tech industry, Recent reports have suggested that not only computers and apps, even third party developers, are capable of reading emails of people. A report from the beginning of this week claimed that Google’s Gmail Mailing Platform is allowing third-party app developers to reach out to their users despite their commitment to greater privacy and security.
According to the report, Google has allowed hundreds of external developers to scan the inbox of users who had previously signed up for a newsletter on various websites. You can see a list of sites and applications. These are the sites and applications for which you have given permission to access your Google account, and you can see which sections of your account they have access to. Google has also clarified that access to Gmail is not fully under investigation process for third party applications.
How to check and disable apps from accessing your Gmail account?
Permissions for some apps and sites may include reading and writing usage, which means they can post information about your activity on the Google services you use on your app or site. Each setting connected to your Google Account can be easily managed by navigating to the My Account page. There you will find which third-party applications are connected to your Google Account and what kind of data has access to it.
Step 1Sign-in to your Google account and go to the My Account page.

Step 2. Now under Sign-in & security window, click on Apps with account access link.
Step 3On the new page scroll down & click on the Manage Apps.

Step 4Now, a list of all the apps (Google and non-Google) having access to your account will be displayed. The level of permissions they’ve have is also shown.
Step 5You can click on any app name to expand it and view what it can do with the permissions and when it was granted.
Step 6Next, click on Remove Access tab to revoke all the permissions given to that particular app/site.
That’s all; this way you can disable Gmail access for third-party apps. If you encounter any error then do not forget to comment below. Don’t forget to share this on Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter! It will only take a moment and also it is quite easy and helpful for others.


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